Hamlet® MicroFlex

The Hamlet® MicroFlex is the world's smallest multi-format, multi-standard hand-held waveform, vector, audio, picture monitor and test signal generator. Using a built-in 3.5" diagonal, high-quality VGA (640 x 480) TFT display, the MicroFlex shows the picture in 4:3 or 16:9 formats. It also shows conventional waveform, vector and audio displays together with data analysis. Easy to plug-in option modules allow operation in all current formats and enables future standards to be accommodated and allows easy upgrade for the user at any time. The MicroFlex is capable of analysis, measurement and monitoring HD SDI, SD SDI and composite video signals and audio in its embedded, or AES/EBU formats and generating HD SDI and SD SDI video and audio signals dependent on the installed modules. Waveform, Vector, Audio and Picture can be monitored and measured with colored traces, Line Select, stuck bit detect (no activity on one data line). There is a headphone socket and a speaker on the base so the decoded audio can be monitored. Computer downloads and data uploads are via USB. Using the new Option 03 module, video and audio generation is now available simultaneously with the monitoring and measurement allowing a closed loop testing environment to be set up with the device/system under test. The MicroFlex is ergonomically designed machined aluminum case, operating for over 2 hours on 6 AA batteries or from the supplied 12V power adaptor.