Megger DET14C and DET24C Digital Ground Clamps

The DET14C and DET24C are advanced clamp-on ground resistance testers that set new standards in terms of access, performance, features, simplicity of operation and safety. The DET14C and 24C are used to measure earth/ground resistance in multiple loop installations without disconnecting the ground. Designed with flat core ends, these units prevent dirt build-up, ensuring measurement integrity and improved reliability over products with interlocking teeth. Other enhancements include safety to CATIV 600V, a built-in filter function for electrically noisy environments, time and date stamped stored test results and ultra long battery life. Megger has taken what is now a standard test method and significantly improved its field applicability. The DET14C and DET24C are designed to quickly measure ground electrode resistance in applications where this type of test method can be used and/or verify the integrity of ground connections. The goal of ground resistance testing is to ensure that the resistance ground electrode system is low enough to prevent or limit voltage rises caused by fault current, electrical surges, lightning strikes, etc. • Elliptical clamp shape improves access to earth cables and straps up to 50 mm • Low maintenance flat jaw interface • Measures ground resistance from 0.05 O to 1500 O • Measures True RMS ground leakage current from 0.5 mA RMS to 35 A RMS

Ordering Information

Part NumberDescription
1000-761DET14C Digital ground test clamp-on meter
1000-762DET24C Digital ground test clamp-on meter

Included accessories for DET14C and DET24C: Carrying case, Carrying strap (wrist loop), User guide CD-ROM, Calibration check, and Battery AA (Alkaline) (4 required). Included accessories for DET24C: USB IrDA dongle and PowerDB Lite software